Now that we all have time to do a bit more research, I also have looked up Keith Kraham. And YES!!! He is mentioned in Canada! See below. OMG!!!

“I too have spoken with Keith! He said I love you over and over! He wanted to come to my house and go through husband’s office to look for Life Insurance policies! He exhibited jealous feelings when I wasn’t speaking to him! When I found out he hit his wife and ruptured her spleen, I was shocked! Avoid this guy!” …..CANADA

“He is known to be a womanizer, con and complete narcissist. What is wrong with this man? He can be physically abusive and extremely jealous. His past proves that for him. Keith Kraham is a good bullshitter, master liar and manipulator! Too many believe his lies. Spare yourselves and don’t be fooled by this man!”….. NEW YORK

“ Keith Kraham took me for a stool! I fell for him even though he was often unkind and short with me! He told me he loved me many times! I believed him! He is definitely a player!”……WASHINGTON DC

“He’s a smooth talker, will woo you with “I love you” over and over. Will tell you he will buy you a ring and wants to get married very soon. What a line, I finally googled him and found out he spent time in jail for beating his then wife with his fists so hard that she had to have surgery to have her spleen removed.

Was reported that this was due to his alcoholism and he was attending AA. I guess that didn’t last long, he goes to the local bar all the time. Stay away from this man, he doesn’t mean one word that he says. What a lying piece of crap!! He didn’t spend enough time in jail. KEITH KRAHAM, Cooperstown, NY, liar, player..wife beater”…… NEW YORK

It is unbelievable that some women are falling for this! These sites are made for a reason!!!!

Once you you see this man underneath his surface level charms, you can understand what a psychopath he is.

He is extremely deceitful and changes the truth to suit HIS narrative. I had always believed his lies and even felt sorry for this man!!!

I am glad I found all this out and am wise to his ways. I too had been a fool. He told me he he loved me and wanted to marry me as well. He uses women for game. I don’t think he is capable of real feelings – except for his own personal gain.


Jenny Le-Pensacola Fl

This woman is the biggest liar, gold digger, and manipulator you will ever meet. She betrays to be religious, however she’s been married for years- just recently divorce she cheated with multiple men.

She suck thousands of dollar out her ex-husband for alimony and child support to uphold image that she is financially stave. However, she hasn’t worked in over a decade.

Her credit is poor and she’s in a loads of debt, which doesn’t makes sense. She doesn’t own anything. She’s 36 years of age and have never left her parent’s house even during her marriage.

During her marriage m, he parents allowed her to bring men in and out house. She been walking around like she’s single for years, but was married.

This seems to be a trend in the Le household, because all of her sisters-except the youngest is married but only one acts like she’s married.

She uses her so call “illnesses” to play victim and manipulate people. Meanwhile, she abuse prescription drugs and alcohol. She’s a disgusting piece of crap. BEWARE!!!!!


Paul Gardephe

Paul Gardephe is one of the dumbest, laziest, stupidest, most corrupt judges on the federal bench of the Southern District of New York, located at 500 Pearl Street, Courtroom 705, New York NY 10007.

He is also a complete and total political hack, not a real judge, as he routinely licks the anus holes of his Jewish paymasters and chief judge boss, Robert Katzmann, and all of the other rich pedophile billionaire oligarch Jews in New York City, otherwise known as the MEGA Group.

He is only second to his counterpart, the black George B. Daniels, who is such a whore for the rich NYC Jews, that he found the entire country of Iran to be guilty of the September 11 attacks, even though everyone and their mother, including retarded children, know that it was the Saudis in conjunction with various members of the American CIA and New York FBI working with the Israeli Mossad and various other NYC rich Jews.

Paul Gardephe, even though he calls himself a Republican, and was appointed by George W. Bush, another Skull & Bones Freemasonic asshole, really only takes orders from NYC Jews, and rich Jews only.

Paul Gardephe is such a dumbass, that he routinely takes more than 1-2 years to write his judicial opinions, even though by statutory law, he really should only take 60 days.

He does this so that he can corruptly take his finger, stick it in the air, and gauge the political ramifications of his court decisions, rather then what is correct for both law, facts, and justice.

If you have ever been unfortunate to appear in front of this fat-faced faggot, and have been fucked over by him, please write a formal Judicial Complaint addressed to Clerk of the Court, United States Court of Appeals, Thurgood Marshall, US Courthouse, 40 Foley Square, New York NY 10007 or click the link at

Word to the wise and be careful – any and all complaints that you file against this cocksucker of a Judge will be sent to his Jewish overlord Chief Judge Robert A. Katzmann, whose cock he no doubt sucks, and whose knob, he no doubt polishes, so be careful and be aware, that your complaint will no doubt most probably be shit-canned, and your grievance no doubt will be quashed.

But we can’t (and shouldn’t) stop trying to obtain truth and justice, should we?


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Jon Stancer Toronto Ontario Canada Where do I even start with this individual… he’s just not all there. Everything about this guy is fake and classless. Possibly one of the dirtiest people in Toronto 

Jon Stancer Toronto Ontario Canada Where do I even start with this individual… he’s just not all there.
Everything about this guy is fake and classless.
Possibly one of the dirtiest people in Toronto 


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Gregg Bishop & Beth Goldberg

Investigate NYC Small Business Services and federal Small Business Administration (“SBA”) For Corrupt, Crony Loans During COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) Crisis!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), Department of Justice (“DOJ”), and Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) should investigate the NYC Small Business Services and especially its Commissioner Gregg Bishop for “crony lending,” not to “first come, first served,” as they openly lie about, but rather to the friends, political and business partners of Gregg Bishop and his staff, consisting mainly of African-American and Jewish business owners in New York City.

They should also investigate District Director Beth Goldberg of the federal Small Business Administration located at 26 Federal Plaza, Suite 3100, New York NY 10278 for the same corrupt BS as well, diverting billions of dollars to her friends/cronies in her synagogues and upper west side and Brooklyn neighborhoods on purely racial, religious and political connections/grounds first, before everyone else.

Everyone else, including Italians, Latinos, Middle Easterners, Chinese, Asians, Koreans, Russians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Arabs, Brazilians, Indians, Japanese, Muslims and others, come LAST.

This is because these small business loans, coming down through the federal Small Business Administration, is also run by blacks and jews in their 26 Federal Plaza, New York NY 10278 address, specifically by Beth Goldberg.

It is a very well kept secret that New York City government is run by left-wing communist/socialist Jews and their “muscle,” the Blacks.

This mechanism of control exists at all levels and branches of NYC government, in its legislature, executive and judicial branches, as well as in its police force and other socialist agencies run out of NYC Social Services.

The feds need to step in and investigate and stamp out this complete and total culture of corruption on racial and religious grounds, but they won’t, for fear of being called “anti-semitic” or “anti-black.”

But this is the height of racism, discrimination, and crony corruption – that all small business in NYC will fail, unless you are either a left-wing jew, black, or connected to/paying them off somehow.


Gregg Bishop
Department of Small Business Services
One Liberty Plaza, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10006
Tel: (212) 513-6300

Beth Goldberg
District Director
New York District Office
26 Federal Plaza Suite 3100
New York, NY
Phone: 212-264-4354
Fax: 212-264-4963


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Henry Kopel

Assistant U.S. Attorney Henry Kopel of Connecticut (who works for Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham) is a completely unhinged, dangerous, biased, extreme racist, extreme Zionist, psychologically imbalanced, who hates Muslims or anyone who criticizes Israel, its policies or its treatment of Palestinians, and he should not be allowed anywhere near prosecutor power or the ability to investigate or target anyone due to his extreme racist and scary beliefs, as is evidenced by his totally biased and racist writings here and elsewhere.

He clearly shows and exhibits extreme favoritism towards Zionist right wing extremist Jews, while shunning/hurting everyone else, and is obviously one of the biggest and most entrenched problems in the corruption of the Connecticut justice system.

He should be urgently and immediately investigated and removed from that job, where he does more damage than good, seizing the levers of power to target and threaten those that he does not like, for political, religious, or racist reasons, protecting and covering for and acting as an extension for his extreme Zionist Jewish friends/cronies, in order to hurt/harm/target non-Jews or people that do not share his extreme racist political beliefs.