Kristin Elyse Hicks, Cincinnati – Ohio

Kristin Elyse Hicks (aka Kristin Elyse Armstrong) has been a major slut since high school. She typically dates and sleeps with men twice her age for cash and is now a professional escort in Cincinnati as well as preforming in amateur porn. You can look up her records in Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren counties. It’s filled with drug and other criminal charges. Her addiction to heroin and meth, among other drugs, has left her scarred and marked on her entire body and she now looks like trash. She’s ditched both of her children and abandoned her family to prostituting and the needle. She turns tricks now like they’re going out of style and has sex with her drug dealers and pimp. You can google Lexxiluvy and see some of her amateur porn. Her street name is either Lexxi, Lacey, Steph, or Roxy depending on the day. She will also send you pics, videos, and other porn on her Snapchat, lexxikix. A quick search on many escort sites will produce her ads where she easily bears all. She has ruined the lives of multiple men, families and friends by seducing husbands and boyfriends who have access to money. She’s extremely talented when it comes to conning people out of cash, usually claiming that she needs it for her children (neither of which she sees or has custody) and then uses that money for more drugs. She easily gives herself up for sex, as she has no other means of currency because she’s a lazy bitch. Ladies, keep your men far away from this slut, and men, keep your wallets safe and hidden. She’ll steal whatever she can as she’s a master thief among other horrible things. She’ll raid your medicine cabinets, steal your vehicles, even sell your personal info. There is no lower form of scum on the planet than Kristin. Some people where their heart on their sleeve, but Kristin wears her vagina.

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