Jose Santiago AGE 38 DOB 04/22/1981 was running around town in Allentown PA with his 21 yr old mistress while his family was at home, often times children left alone for HOURS while his wife worked and brought money home to her cheating husband for over EIGHT MONTHS. His youngest child is 13 and autistic, he PURPOSELY talked himself away from his family and used their treatment of him as a reason to leave, instead of looking at the damages he’s causing in the long run. His 21 yr old mistress is named Judith she calls from a number registered to an Ariadna Frias, they were so cute falling asleep on Skype together. I’m pretty sure her family doesn’t know the TRUTH, only what HE has told them.

He claims that when he was cheated on by his wife before their marriage that it was the end. That was NINE YEARS AGO and BEFORE THEY MARRIED. The truth is, he is a snake and has never and will never be faithful to one person. The ONE AND ONLY person who ALWAYS had his back was his wife, and she was brainwashed into believing they were best friends for 21 years. In the 15 years they have been together in their relationship, he has worked a cumulative amount of around 5 years, SHE has supported him and the children more than half of the time. He lost his job at Devon House in Allentown after being constantly late and going out for half hour cigarette and weed breaks with his mistress. He was also stealing items from the residents in the senior living center.

His MISTRESS has more balls than him by telling his wife the things that he said about their relationship being over more than 10 years ago, him not loving her since then and the marriage out of convenience for him along with the fact that he has no problem GHOSTING HIS 13 YR OLD AUTISTIC SON because he never wanted to have a kid with his wife to begin with.

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