Brandy Gray La-France, ontario – Canada

This woman is literally the most ignorant, obsessed and arrogant woman there is!! She will become so obsessed with you that she will literally act like she wants to be you, will copy everything you do and pretty much want to wear your skin as her own. She will insult and use anyone she gets close to. Her company Loyal transportation is illegal as fuk!! She hires creepy drivers who have records like accessory to murder!! Shes a crazy fuking b1tch who is screwing over the government with her “legal” business. She makes fun of people who are recovering addicts, were abused and whose child have passed away. She even made a group on Facebook to be little and make fun of the people shes OBSESSED with. Shes a disgusting piece of human waste. Beware of her and her company !! Unless you want to end up dead or being stalked. She is currently living in Florida in a trailer park. She will come back to the city.

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