Lindsey Spooner, Atlanta – Georgia

Ms. Spooner, of Newnan, GA, is a classic case of an insecure brat who will stop at nothing to climb the financial and social hierarchy. Since hooking up with almost every member of a certain fraternity at her university, she has moved on to bigger and better things. According to her friends, she has recently started seeing a Braves player and, “is only dating him for the money — she said she isn’t even attracted to him.” This comes at no surprise, since as of recently her socials have been nothing but flamboyant showcases of luxury purchases. Now, I have a question. Did she really think people would not have figured this out? I mean, c’mon. What 20 year old bartender can afford a YSL bag? People are not stupid. But apparently she is, since she has had to change her major quite a few times, and is even graduating a great deal of time late. Oh, and while we’re talking about majors, did I mention that she recently changed her major to Sports Management to be around potential/future baby daddies? She really is such a cliche. We hope the best for her though. Gentlemen, if you find yourself being interested in this woman, do know that she is a lying, manipulative brat who will cross any and all boundaries to establish her dominance in the relationship. Including but not limited to, humiliating you in front of your friends, and showing no emotional intelligence whatsoever. Any and all Braves players… you have been warned.

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