Stan Franse Knoxville – Tennessee

Stan Franse is a lying, cheating, disrespectful, abusive, poor excuse for a man. He has extremely low self-esteem and gets off by targeting older woman who have money. He is very charming and attentive at first until he gains his target’s trust and confidence. That is when he begins to victimize his prey. He will play mind games, drink excessively, intimidate, physically abuse, and try to control every aspect of his victim’s life. Stan has been married three times and has cheated on all three spouses. He is currently married, but is having an affair with Mrs. Patty Sue Morris of Maryville, Tennessee. She is a 56 year old mother and grandmother who is the cafeteria manager of a middle school where Stan, 45 years old, delivers food orders for her school. The two cheaters actually began their affair at the school and they continue to call and text each other during the workday as to try to hide it from their spouses. Both of their human resource departments would probably love to know what they are doing on the clock.

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