Gino Gallodoro, New Orleans – Louisiana

Gino is a Drunk who talks to multiple girls plus floozys and is Married. He’s a Italian who acts like he’s black around black people then acts White around his white friends. He listens to rap music to fit in but actually doesn’t know what he likes. He’s cheated on his Wife Several times with even his coworkers. His friends know he cheats and lies for him. I’ve seen him hook up with chicks while hanging out. His wife knows but doesn’t know the extent of his cheating. He’s been cheating for a long time and if she puts up with it more power to it but I’ve heard his own friends talk about girls he’s hooked up with and have actually hung out with him while he was fuking someone in the backseat. This chick said she had a baby for him and he didn’t deny it at all. I think his Wife should just move on because he’s going to bring her a DRD soon. She lost weight and is even losing her hair behind this idiot. He has a terrible drinking problem and gets drunk every other day. He’s basically a alcoholic. I think his wife has low self esteem because no way in hell would I put up with his bs. His wife needs to just split custody with His daughter and 2 sons Because it’s only getting worse. He’s even hit on chicks while she was in the sand room. He needs help.

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