Emo Snowflake – Pennsylvania

Ashley Adams comes across innocent and quiet at first. She is diabetic and uses that to gain compassion. She dresses in goth and likes to dress up in cosplay and post on instagram sphinxxCosplay. She cheated on me with a co-worker for several months at are place of employment, while lying to me the whole time. She then broke off our engagement and became extremely hateful and mean spreading lies using phrases like “Abusive and Toxic”. Fortunately for me I had saved all her text that I later used as evidence to prove that she was lying. She will trash you reputation if she can. As she is a sociopath who always likes to play the role of a victim. She has a schizophrenic personality instantly swinging from one extreme to another and will get mean and aggressive towards you without cause or reason. She will lie and swear that she is not lying while breaking into tears sobbing if you show signs of not believing her lie. On the other hand if you confront her with proof that she is lying and expose her she instantly gets mean, angry, and violent. All she cares about is herself and what she can use you for. She likes telling people that she is bisexual I guess that gives her more victims to use and abuse. My advice is to stay far away from her as she will emotionally abuse you while playing the victim. And in the end when she gotten what she wanted from you she will make an attempt to destroy you anyway she can after she leaves. This is her way of validating all the hateful things she will do during your relationship. In the beginning she will declare her unwavering love for you. Then after several months her “love” turns into snide comments and backhanded compliments twords you, that she will insist is a joke. That however is not a joke its the real Ashley. You will find she is a pathological liar as well. She needs to get counseling of some type until then stay away as you are wasting your time, money, and investing emotionally in someone who is incapable of loving you back. You have been warned.

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