Bryan Beggarly – Pennsylvania

Bryan Beggarly the one of the dirtiest guys I ever met. A friend noticed he was on this site when it appeared on Facebook and I couldn’t help but to post and agree. I dated him very briefly before I found out he was on several dating sites and was even talking with a mutual friend. He made up some story that it was before we met. Then one day I also caught him with this nasty pic on the site grinder where he also had a profile. My cousin is a gay man who I am very honored to be related too. However it was very surprising to me to find out he was talking with my cousin while dating me and trying to meet up with him one night for a “hook up “ I was working. Thank goodness my cousin recognized him or I would never have known. So not sure if he is bi or just in the closet still. Either way people need to know how disgusting he is and that he sleeps around with several people at once lying to everyone he meets. I also was with him and found needles in his car which he stated was from his grandmother who was a diabetic. Come to find out his grandmother was dead and he was a heroin addict. I could say so much more but I don’t have to desire to bash him just to warm other women or men to stay very clear of this jobless lying sex and drug addict.

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