Shameless Adulterer – Michigan

This dirtbag is Mason Fields from Adrian Michigan. He graduated AHS in 1996 and currently works at Provincial House retirement home as RN unit supervisor. He is an unrepentant abuser and betrayer. He covets his neighbor’s wife, and has slept around while himself married. He wears uniforms as costumes to appear virtuous, when in reality he is a predator who should not be working as a nurse with any elderly and/or vulnerable people. If the residents at the retirement home knew about his poor character and his many misdeeds, they would likely not be comfortable around him. If people who have loved ones at Provincial House, they should demand that he be cast out as the horrible person that he is. His presence there is an insult to both the residents and staff. Mason is a homewrecker, a coward and a threat to decency and love. He destroys the fabric of faith. He is a bad person. He should be avoided. The emotional devastation that he leaves in his wake will stain the souls of his many victims forever. Let him be damned. I hope he suffers… for life. Loser.

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