Candice Dylan Orosco – California

This is Candice “Dylan” Orosco. Wannabe Hollywood actress and self absorbed, cold hearted hood rat that leaves a path of destruction before moving on to her next victim. She hates her own Hispanic heritage and swears she is a white valley girl hence changing her Hispanic last name to Dylan. She hits up random men on social media and leads them on and she’ll set up a day to hang out and let you raw dog her multiple times on the first night as long as you buy her an expensive dinner. After that she’ll act as if she’s interested in starting a relationship and lead you on, then blowup your phone all day begging for money & will cry that her car is going to be repossessed until you fold and lend her some $. She won’t pay you back and then block your number and social media and say you’re a stalker and insane because you want some of the money back that you lent her. She’ll us every excuse in the book to make you lose her number including that she got back with an ex boyfriend and that he got her pregnant (all lies). She uses men for her own financial gain and is a grade A bum who photoshops her pics on IG to appear slimmer and younger. She is as fake as her hair and looks nothing like her photoshopped pics, so prepare for disappointment when you see her for the 1st time in person. She also loves that China white. Avoid this hood rat at all costs and don’t fall victim to her lies and deceit she is as fake as they come and heartless. Don’t fall for her lies or treachery.

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