Shaina Grysiuk And Britney Smith, Winnipeg – Canada

Well, well, well, here is 2 of Winnipeg’s finest drd, slore, Pepsi heads of Winnipeg. Is it Swiss cheese, is it the moon, noooooo it’s Shaina Grysiuk face, this little Pepsi slope, doesn’t even have a job, and somehow she has a kid. Gentlemen heads up, if you get with her, which isn’t hard, just pull out the Pepsi, and she’ll sleep with you. Oh my oh my, it’s Britney the Pepsi, filter sloooore of Niverville. This little slore, who doesn’t let her boyfriend out of her site, he’s pretty much on lockdown in his own House, poor guy doesn’t even know that Britney is sleeping around behind his back. The truth hurts ladies. Reality check stores

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