Kalie Weisbeck – Canada

This girl is threatening random girls because she “thinks” they’re talking to her ex boyfriend of 4 months ago, she has multiple drds and lives in a dirty home that parties every weekend on richmond. she’s a sleepy lazy girl who tries to find boyfriends to live off of so she doesn’t have to work. she wants to live the lavish life but never work for it, the most she’s made is 400$ a night working at a low end dirty mississauga strip club. i just want everyone to know how gross this girl truly is. she makes multiple fake accounts on instagram harassing random girls she doesn’t know about her ex, threatening them to put them on this site in particular. keep in mind these girls have done nothing wrong to kalie. now i don’t know how obsessive that is and how desperate but girl you need to chill because everyone will find out soon about who you really are.

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