Cheated on Wife on Valentine’s Day – Oregon

So my husband lied to me and told me he loved me and gave me a kiss/hug and was supposed to meet me to do laundry…speed up 14hours and I seen him walking down the road at 2am after drinking at the bar and wrecking our Camaro in a ditch. He then told me off using a number of colorful cruel words when I tried to pull over and assist. I went back to bed and he went to get the car towed out, which luckily he was able to do, and he never came back. So, I decided since he was behaving so crazily I would cancel his insurance and did because he had been drinking and driving and then I stayed gone for a weekend. I came back after the weekend and the fourth day of this happening because I wanted to check on my cat and get some things and talk to him about what was going on. I’d been staying at my aunt’s for a few days. Well, I learned from him then that he wanted us to be over and I said I didn’t understand because everything was fine until he ghosted on me and didn’t come see me. I said I don’t understand because we were fine, then you disappereaed, wrecked drinking and driving and are lucky you weren’t caught or that you or the car weren’t damaged or injured. He didn’t care. He accused me of not caring about him after making me worried sick and finding him like that. He said we’re not going to be together anymore. I was like what? He said you and the kids can come stay but you need to get taxes and get a move on and move out. I don’t want to be with you anymore. I said what? Where did this come from? I left that at that but still didn’t know about the woman yet…Then I come back the next day and he is angry that I’m back home and says he met a woman at the bar on Valentine’s day and he wants to be with her. I’m like you’re ending a six year relationship for someone you met just days ago? And he was adamant that he was. I was crushed, but it gets worse. He slept with her – was intimate with her, in our dirty sheets that we had slept together in just days before. He didn’t even bother to wash them. The he assaulted me and tried to steal my cat while demanding I get all my things and move out instantly but refusing to help me to do so in anyway. He knocked my stuff off the counter space I used and started getting pushy and grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed and held me there for two minutes. I just want people to see him for what he really is so I can warn other women of the dangerous narcissistic abuse that he forced me to endure for years and has a history of, including domestic violence. He has done it before, he did it with me and he will do it again. I spent six years with him and now he is trying to turn me into psycho woman who just wants revenge. The truth is I just don’t want another woman used, abused, degraded and torn down by this person who preys on vulnerable women.

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