Hammad Khurshid Bhatti – New York

My court marriage was planned for Feb 6, 2020. My wedding ceremony was planned to happen on Feb 13, 2020. It was a total arranged marriage. The family belonged to Gujrat and the guy (Hammad Khurshid) is a medical resident in Brooklyn, New York. My family met them twice when my future MIL pressurized us for engagement 15 days before my medical exams. Anyhow my family agreed and the wedding date was set. Soon after engagement they started asking for dowry one thing at a time. Their deal was my son is taking you to USA and eventually going to make you a citizen of that country. We should be thanking him by giving him a hefty/expensive dowry. My parents agreed since it’s part of our culture. Since I was against it I warned the guy I will call of this marriage. Either you marry me for me or he can sell his future citizenship and current J1 visa to someone else. Hammad said he loves me more
than the demand his parents were making and he will talk to them. His family came over the next day to apologise and dropped their demand. On the day of court marriage an argument took place over the future divorce amount. We have a a part in the wedding contract that states if a boy divorces the bride a certain amount is paid to her. Hammads family and his demand was since they dropped the demand of dowry(thanking him with presents for citizenship) then the divorce amount should be dropped or it should be only $65. This was a ridiculous amount since the whole family is a doctor and affluent. $65 is what a person spends when they go out to eat. That amount is what I deserved if he divorced me 2 years later or 20 years later. We disagreed and they left the place because we didn’t agree to any of their demands. I was a bride waiting to sign the papers with all guests and waiting for the good news when they left our house without settling. My family was still recovering from what had happened.

Now coming to what happened next. It is something that blew our minds. So after they left the guy was in contact with me telling me that after all this he still wants to marry me and asked me to give him sometime to make things right. I agreed. So 2 days later an unknown girl on instagram texts me and sends me my wedding card asking if that was mine. I said yes. Now what she told me was horrible and took me a while to believe. Meanwhile the guy was asking me to give him a chance he was sitting at the house of another family setting date for his court marriage just 3 days after. The date on which we were suppose to get married. And his mother has been looking for a girl for him while he was engaged to me , while the wedding was set , while the dowry was prepared , while the wedding invites were sent out, wedding halls for all ceremonies were booked, catering was paid for all events etc.

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