Molly Carman, Toronto – Canada

Molly Carman, a sloth looking chick. Portrays herself as some sweet MUA but is probably sending pics to your man.  Or are you some baby girl wannabe? Catch her popping her bottles at the club with those fake injected lips; it isn’t DSL honey, we can see the liner and the swelling from them. Thinks her moving out of Calgary to 6ix city is gonna do her any good, she is on her old habits of fuking any asian guy or roadman out there. We all know how you cash your stacks and it isn’t from @mollyc_mua. Likes to call “only talking to 3 guys” slowing it down, wonder what her count is in full gear. Do yourself a favour and hit the gym and grab a breast lift while your at it. That “thick” a55 is just plain fat. The buttons on your jeans are about to pop. Ditch the hair extensions, you look better bald and focus on not missing that waste man ankle bracelet of yours. And finally, stop talking about all your jail men to the public, ever heard of keeping a tight lip? Don’t say you weren’t warned when someone hits you with a lick next time your back in cowtown.

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