Ed Maul in Fairview, NC…If you see him… run!! – North Carolina

Anyone even thinking about dating this mental case better think twice. He initially comes off as the easy going, perfect man who was wronged by one ex, however, what he doesn’t tell you is that there are A LOT of ex’s out there that were wronged by him. He will tell you that he got along just fine with everyone else. Well he didn’t…he will eventually take everything you have, his unmanageable anger will start to show, he’s a felon, he will find a way to stop working and convince you that it was your idea, he’s violent, a liar, a thief, and he has a very long criminal record of violence and drug use/sales to prove it, but he will even lie about his charges and say they are false. He’s got this gig down! He is never doing what he says he is and tells more lies than you could ever imagine. The guy only has love for himself and is a total narcissist. This con artist will actually convince you that it just might be you that is crazy and after a year with him you might even start to think you are. Once he’s taken everything or you realize that you were taken like you were once warned about but didn’t believe, he’s secretly onto the next victim and will tell you that he needs “peace” in his life so he needs to move on when he created nothing but disaster in yours. He will leave you miserable, down and out and wondering how he ever managed to convince you to waste your time on him to begin with. I have never gone online to warn anyone and I’ve never done this type of thing but this man who lives in Fairview, NC is worth the warning. Trust me, you are no exception and his friends will cover for his God awful behavior. He is after ANYTHING you have or will give him because he has nothing and he will take what he can. He says he’s known as “Easy Ed” but after much research I learned from many that he’s known as “The rebounder.” You have been warned of this sneaky nutcase. Don’t waste one day of your life. I am not a bitter person so don’t let that excuse fly either. I made that mistake and went against the warning thinking I was different. I wasn’t and neither are you. He can talk his way out of anything. HE’S LYING AND USING YOU, EVEN IF IT’S NOT FOR MONEY!! Don’t be a fool like many of us were. Do the research yourself if you need to. Keep on your positive path without this weirdo. He will bring you down.

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