This is PARIS PEREIRA….. Vancouver’s fakest bottle rat gold digger!!! She was recently BUSTED flashing RONNIE MAGRO from Jersey Shore in public in LA. She flew down with her gfs to celebrate her birthday & left early because her gfs got in trouble by their boyfriends. If they only knew what else REALLY happened. Give it up to the paparazzi!!!! This was taken the day AFTER she had been after partying all night with THE GAME and their crew in LA. CLASSY!!! This was outside of the hotel while waiting for two limos to take them to Universal Studios. Paris loves men with money and will do anything for attention & a free ride. She prowls on guys that are famous or have money & has cheated on every boyfriend she’s ever had. At least her ex from LA was smart for dumping her fake diaper ass when he realized that she was just using him for his $$$$$$. Oh well Once a SLOOT…. always a SLOOT.

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