Michaela Kolinsky, Vancouver – Canada

This gross pig is a waitress at the number 5 orange where she buys pepsi every night From the fat guy and steals from customers. She adds drinks to their bills when she thinks they won’t notice after she’s taken cash for them from someone else. She adds drinks to bills and shoves them down her throat in the can while powdering her nose. When she’s not working there she can be found in back rooms doing PR tho she has a hard time getting work because she has zero personality and a rat face. She has a couple floozy friends and she calls them in to sit with drunk guys and adds money to their bill for drinks already paid for as well. She scams any way she can but the number five is her new home because she’s been kicked out of yaletown for the same scams and being a pepsid  out pig who smells like she hasn’t been home to since the last gig. She always smells like jizz and b.o. and can never seem to get her cheap wig to stay on right. Please call this ditch pig out. I can’t believe she still gets away with her scams. I guess when you have the bartender in on your scams you can do whatever you want. She is so disgusting so if she’s gonna fitin anywhere it will be a skeezy strip club on the d.t.e.s

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