Heather Harrington – Pennsylvania

Heather Harrington (aka Heather McDaniel) is a sick narcissistic liar who cheated on her first husband and father of her two kids. She remarried and lied to her new husband for decades claiming she miscarried his baby when she actually had an abortion. She has had lifelong mental problems, has been institutionalized and in therapy, and a history of violent and unstable behavior. She plead guilty in court to multiple charges of disorderly conduct and engaging in fighting, which were originally multiple assault charges. She has herpes, and milks as much money as she possibly can from those compassionate enough to care about her. She imagines herself as a diva actress, and though her acting career never went anywhere, she lies so often she’s become a work of art unto herself. She’s the kind of woman who will lovingly hand you a glass of champagne after spitting in it in secret, and smile while you gulp it down along with your livelihood.

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