David Comrie, Toronto – Canada

David Comrie loves his floozys Him and his friend Robert capparelli love paying upwards of $300 an hour. David Comrie has a beautiful girlfriend for four years and behind her back my only was he talking to and picking up other chicks but he was also buying floozys and sleeping with them in motels in Peterborough. His mommy believes everything he says and even gives him money when he asks, like for his farm. He is no farmer he is no real estate agent. He pretends he is. He will tell you he is good at tennis and pretend like he has some rich boy attitude especially whenever he gets back from Miami. The worst part is that as a cheater, he said that all the messages to hookers weren’t from his account and he talked to Apple. He is 36, but will tell floozys he is 32 and a ridiculously good looking party boy. He is the most insecure liar, cheater and dirt bag in the world. He likes to go long periods without showering, never brushes his teeth which are rotting and crooked, and tends to shit himself a lot. Stay away from this guy as his ex girlfriend has to get texted for DRDS and DRDS afterwards and turns out, he has them. He sleeps around and tells people he is clean. He is the nastiest and smelliest sad excuse for a human and no self respecting woman should ever go near him.

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