Dianne Rosiek, Surrey – Canada

This piece of work purposefully stalks men that are married. She came on to me in a bar over the holiday season. She approached me at the pub holding a mistletoe over her head. From there things just got hot and heavy. I told her I was married and she said that makes it even better as there are no strings. Another guy in the bar told me to “watch out for this one” as he has “seen her do this to guys with rings on before and goes for their wallet while you are in the bathroom knowing you are unlikely to complain.” I thought he was kidding… Sure enough, I was drunk, vulnerable due to several other factors in my personal life, and she lured me and I only had a twenty left in my wallet when I had $140 earlier without me opening it in between. She is a true manipulator of men. Her wrinkles are getting hard to hide, and she needs to learn what a gym is.

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