Tach Sousa Poulin, Saskatoon – Canada

This smelly cow thinks she’s so hot because she lost some weight and wears really tight clothing to show all her loose skin… Newsflash honey, no amount of weight loss can fix what you look like. Also the weight would stay off better if your diet plan wasn’t mainly pepsi… This girl dated some goof who’s been saying he’s ha for almost decade yet still has no patch, she was absolutely obsessed with this Big Show loser so much that she even got engaged to another dude for a few weeks to make him jealous. This girl will sleep with ANYONE or ANYTHING to make a buck. Tach, you’re always going to be a whitetrash ho. No amount of money or weight loss can fix the serious class you lack. Maybe stop sleeping around, ripping lines, and posting nudes on facebook of ur lumpy back and care for your handicapped son you piece of trash.

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