Antwan Coker – New York

A controlling and weak man who despite what he portrays is duplicitous, ill tempered and left behind a child. Imagine finding out the man you loved and cared for was going to the bunny lounge and having affairs there. Look the place up. The girls are sleazy and disgusting. He will tell you that you’re hopelessly suspicious and crazy or you have an imagination. He gaslighted me to make me believe I was unreasonable when he was going out all hours of the night. Spending money on strippers and having children with other women. The amount of times he said, I’m proud of myself for not cheating on you. It was all a lie. Utterly classless. Yet he would take me to nice places and pay for nice hotels for me. Does that make me feel better? No. Also on dating site during the relationship. He will never be faithful and when he tells you he loves you, it’s all a huge lie. He loves sex and controlling naive younger girls. Beware.

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