Brandi Kingry, Baltimore – Maryland

The woman pictured here is one of the fakest, phoniest people the city of Baltimore has ever seen. Throughout her entire life Brandy has done nothing but used people, started conflicts, and left a bad tastes in many people’s mouths. When my homegirl Kelly Ann Gomez tried to help Brandi out, she threw her under the bus so bad it wasn’t even funny. Back in high school Kelly’s cousin Marc Goldberg passed away suddenly at the age of 18, Brandy had the nerve to create a Memorial website in honor of him and attended his funeral even though Mark couldn’t stand Brandi and was repeatedly told by his family to take down the website. She has done this to several other people who didn’t like her in fact nobody from Brandi’s old high school wants anything to do with her. She has been cited numerous times for harassment.

She has also been banned from numerous places in Baltimore for trying to ask men to pay for her dinners and trying to get money. When she was a stripper at the Scores nightclub in Baltimore, three coworkers, Nichole Gloria Towle, who dated Timothy John Orcutt, AKA Timmy GLB, leader of those sorry a55 nightclub promoters Goodlife Boys, Robin “Gabby” Levy, and Katie “Mandy” McClelland have attested to the fact that Brandy said on numerous occasions that she’s trying to trap a rich guy and deliberately get preggers by him so that she could live off him for 18 years. Brandi was later fired for sleeping with Timmy GLB. She is a known thot and that she has slept with at least 50 people that I know including Wayne Craig, Rocky Murphy, Nino Sylvia, Gaetano Averella, Sebastian “Greg Bee” Bulbor, Bobby Goodlife, Rob Kowalski, Steven Davis, Brian Fisher, Vinnie Noto, Marc Redavid, Harry Brezler, Harry MacKenzie III, Chris Day, Vincent Martinez, Nicholas Blitz, Chris Furst, Mason Geroe, Sam Chaney, George Tsakiris, Mark Sowers, AKA Mark Forrest, Vince Stapleton, Chip Watkins, AKA DJ Who, Fabio Brankovic, Rubens Cabral, Jimmy Malik, Barry “DJ Octane” Shannon, Keith Jefferson, Mahi El-Frth, Casey Spiegel, my man Esteban, Gio Calle, so many. That expression the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree applies here. Ber mother Alison Woodward is a cheap slore immigrant from Scotland, and is she ugly who tried to find a sugar daddy but Brandy’s father left them. Andrew Schipotle is the father of Harlow Grace Schipotle, which is Brandi’s daughter, and he left her a55. Damn Brandi can’t keep a man LMAO!! When she wanted to be an aspiring model my main homeboy Fabio “G.O.A.T.” Aguila, AKA “Silk”, “Da Man” try to get a modeling gig for her she double-crossed him and it’s alleged than she may have had something to do with his house getting broken into when he lived it Baltimore and called him a “30 year old virgin” and called him the N word wow. She is also involved in drug dealing and my main homeboy Fabio tip the FBI and the DEA off about her. So Brandi might wanna stop selling drugs. She is such an unfit mother. And she kissed her own daughter on the mouth!! Sick!! And those tattoos she got, OMG are they ugly. She does meth and pepso. This woman need to be stopped. Brandi the jig is up b1tch!!

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