Amanda Thompson – Montana

meet Amanda Thompson, she plays innocent and kind but she has a serious wine problem. First off she can’t ever have just one glass and anything past a bottle of wine and she starts reliving past traumas screaming crying fighting hiding in the corner sobbing. And when she finally gets to bed and comes out of her psychosis she always pisses the bed. Her Google search history consists of “am I an alcoholic?” And “why do I pee the bad after drinking wine? “. Along with many searches on “gay orgies” as well as “how to get a stuck condom out of your vagina” ” how to stop the shakes and how to cure a hangover” remember she’s 31 asking these questions. … So, when I took her to a party She got sh1t faced wasted on wine and tried to have a three way with one of my friends and his wife that owned the house, and when they turned her down in disgust she fuked a close friend of mine in front of me and everyone at the party. She uses tinder like a stripper uses pepsi, she works at a Spa in town hence the terrible lip job and she has under eye filler which she only needs due to her serious drinking problem and endless sexcapades late nights with whomever reaches the bottom of their hook up list and get to her. The good news is she will come over let you fuk her and leave, the bad news is she refuses to let guys use condoms which leads me to my warning and get other Google searches “general DRDs” and “how to make your vagina smell good”

she has knowingly slept with many guys knowing she has DRDs and doesn’t care the slightest, she’s been married but her story is “it was a mock wedding”. She was recently engaged and while engaged had a handful of guys she was fuking around with on Snapchat and other social media apps never telling the other guys she was in a relationship and she hid him from as many people as possible on social media. She was sleeping with numerous guys while ‘married’ then in the six month before her next feinceé (that’s right she went from living with the guy she married to six months of drunken fuk fest to a new relationship) she would brag about keeping her average of 8 guys a week and four a day to her friend Tanya, I would overhear her mock and belittle her and constantly say “Tanya is so stupid, she’s so fat and gross that she plays wingman to me and not even know it, I get whatever guy she wants and she just takes the leftovers, she’s such a sh1tty mom I have to give her my tip money so she can come out and drink and tell her what to say to guys on Snapchat” I guess I’m lucky I made it out without having to suffer more abuse and sloppy seconds from someone I thought loved me. Good new Tinder men of Missoula, Amanda is back (full force) so grab a number it won’t take long being she runs about 8 a week up to 4 a day.. and be careful cellulite is a HUGE as well as some … Um… Curves?

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