Laura Diaz – Texas

This is going to be an unfolding saga, these thirsty biches are well known whores in West Palm Beach. They are so lucky I didn’t get the cops or a lawyer on their a55 for what they did to me. I was the only black girl hanging out with these scum buckets and waaaay more popping than them with my own townhouse on Atlantic in Delray and pushing an Audi faster than their slow dumb retarded asses at 21. Instead of these biches supporting me and being genuine they built a fake group of girls from the app bumble which is where we met. I started hanging out with them and a while after I realized they were pepsi slores and I mean big pepsi slores, I had already gotten myself wrapped in their circle. Tag respectables(Bar and nightclub) and Dorians where the other slore Gigi works and you’ll get hits.This Spanish puta’s brother’s girlfriend was living in my house as a tenant, I took care of her like my own sister and the day after she moved out they made a plan to drug and kill me. I was invited out on the pretense of talking business with them when they lured me into having a drink and after that I blacked out. I woke up in a strange taxi with my wallet contents missing including money and I ended up being hospitalized for 3 months after that because the drug they used apparently was Flakka. If not for the fact I come from a wealthy family that spent thousands of dollars to rehabilitate me I could be dead right now thanks to these brainless twts. I want to advise everyone in WPalm including their boyfriends to steer clear because they reek of DRD’s ! More coming soon….

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