Donnie Rae: Steroid – Scottsdale

Please meet Donnie Rae. This juiced up monkey can be found around Scottsdale and Phoenix acting like the full-on douche bag creep fuk that he is. He claims to make his money doing “fix and flips”, but he really makes money by selling steroids and HGH. He charges upfront and promises 2 day delivery. This would seem semi-legit but this thief never delivers. Even more interesting is fukboy Donnie Rae brags about stealing HGH and other drugs from AIDS clinics (which he actually does). Apparently he keeps all of the goods for himself. He is a bloated buffoon. Aside from his thieving and stealing shenanigans, he is one of the biggest creeps in Scottsdale. He tells each girl he talks to that they are the only one. Not sure why they even waste their time seeing that the word is that he has an eeny teeny tiny peeny.

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