Darrien Ashley, San Antonio – Texas

So this is Darrien Ashely from San Antonio, TX. She’s your typical social media slore and drops pictures of her fake tits (bolt-ons) to get attention. The worst of it all is, she has a daughter. She travels a lot, which is ok, if she had a good paying job. However, she works at some trash bar off Perrin Beitel & Naco-Perrin. This chick is a full time sugar baby and always posting pictures without her man, because she’s embarrassed that he’s 60 years old, ugly, and all wrinkled up. She takes his dick into her mouth and his balls hit her in the face on a nightly basis. That’s how she makes her money. She recently posted a picture of her Lexus he bought, because she doesn’t have the income or credit score to purchase herself. Also, she lives in a piece of crap apartment, because her sugar daddy, isn’t that well off to afford the car, trips, purses, and other things he buys her. So she sacrifices a nice place to live in order to get material stuff that she can show off on IG, Twitter, and Facebook. My girlfriends and I actually laugh at her and not with her at the bars we go to because she denied having a sugar daddy. So please quit going to hotel discoteque, hills and dales where we work, because we will call you out on your bullshit.

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