Antwan Coker – New York

This guy is a sex addict. He prays on younger women who are vulnerable. He cheated on his girlfriend and ruined her life. He has been diagnosed as a sociopath and a narcissist. He plays the pity game. He gave his girlfriend a STD, got her pregnant and left her. He cheats and will bring women into his house. He has no respect. He pushes sex constantly and like to come over late at night. He doesn’t work. He will FB stalk you and your friends. He doesn’t believe in condoms. He will have sex with anyone. He stalks women on FB and Instagram. He hangs out at the clubs lurking for his new victims. He uses his smile and charm to gain your trust. Google his name and you will see that he is bad news. He steals, commits robberies and is involved in grand theft autos. Don’t date this guy or bring him around your daughters. He is a predator. He only sees women as objects to be controlled. He is a high risk and will spread any disease due to him having no fear of death. Stay away.

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