Julia Schwartz, Ontario – Canada

This girl is honestly a piece of work, when she’s not workin at McDonald’s touching everything 🥴 she’s at home taking nudes//provocative photos of herself for everyone to see or asking for people to rate her while going on about self love, trust me she’s a funny one, I’ve seen more of this girl then I would have wanted to and we’ve never crossed paths, sad if you think about it but to my POINNNNT. She doesn’t care if he’s taken or not which I really don’t get why someone with so much self respect would do that but desperate to post your body half naked on a snap or insta story?? Maybe it does make sense just another poor accuse for skin, slore, trash she’s got the net fingers and mouth but not actions, she’s got drds that’s probably why she turns to the internet for her attention now tell me, where was her self love when she was catching hsv😅 Definitely a cop caller yet dropped an addy to fight just can not stand the fact that she’s a crusty infested homewrecking fcking slore that does nothing but go to work and touch shit go home and sing like a rat while taking her “self love” photos careful with this one, helped a man cheat on his wife… Julia if you ever do come across this I just hope you have informed everyone you’ve touched without showering kissed or had sex with that you break out and have drds. BARRIE ONT, watch out for her ladies check if your mans follows her she isint private cause she loves the attention and you should REALLY learn to take a god damn compliment with your clothes on and to add they were taken from your Instagram and this is just simply letting people around you know your infested with drds. Nothing else try to charge me if you want if not great:) merry Christmas

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