Ani Sevan Magarian, Calgary – Canada

Welcome to Calgary’s finest! Lets all stand up and give her a standing Ovation! Miss Ani Sevan Magarian which ever name she uses! She is a right down liar and is two faced to the Core! She plays the victim role and will look for any man that will take her on and her pups! and trust me she has a lot of them! She is someone who needs claificarion on who the Home wrecker really is! Keep running with the wolves girl, We arent laughing with you but more so laughing at you! Pay back is a b1tch isnt it! You REAP what you SOW! YOu will never be able to destroy for the TRUTH always surfaces! Keep protecting your DRD infested toy boys and keep up with the filters that you try to hide behind, you cant fix ugly!

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