Mag Phillips, Vancouver – Canada

This is Mag Phillips. Vancouver’s own Valley girl. I have known her since high school and she is still the same at 29 years old. She is an alcoholic and a piece of garbage. She used to brag about being a sugarbaby when she worked in Starbucks. Believe me, we used to be neighbors in Port Moody. Her 2’s are so bad that it looks like she got it done for $50 by a doctor in Mexico. It’s so oversized and there’s a large gap in between them and they’re just disproportion from her small head. She claims that she only had a few boyfriends but oh my God, she said she was in love with them. Laughable. Just Google the name of Delbert Yap and you will see that she is just a pathetic liar. That is why she continues to hide her social media. She is in hiding. Pathetic. Everyone knows Maggie. Get help

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