Kelsee Cantu, San Antonio – Texas

My sister and her husband separated in November of 2019..when they got back together, less than a month later in December 2019, my brother in law blocked a few females on his phone from calling him, one of them was Miss “Kelsee Cantu”. Kelsee C. proceeded to search for my brother in law on different social media sites that he had never added her on or even told her about – sending messages to his inbox until he would see them and block her on there too. She then started sending emails at all times of the day and threatening to show up at his work if he did not leave my sister again. Today at 9:53, Kelsee Cantu got my 35 year old brother in law fired from his 120k/year job. My sister has finally realised that Kelsee will never stop. My poor sister is up to her neck and fed up with the drama. My sister understands that it takes two to tango so she would not let me come On the dirty to expose her, as she felt her disloyal husband was more to blame than Kelsee was in all of this. But today, She she finally allowed me to come on here and expose Kelsee Cantu for exactly what she is. Well, to be honest that is my motive. My sister on the other hand just wants me to tell her story as a warning. She hopes that other men think twice before they get involved with young, unhinged females who have nothing to lose. She also hopes for peace to any woman going through tough situation with their cheating, unfaithful husbands.

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