Vannesa Amelie, Vancouver – Canada

Nastiest girl in the world pimples everywhere I couldn’t believe when I found out she wasn’t a tranny her body face and the amount of work she’s had done shows otherwise, she’s a laughingstock of Vancouver nobody likes her literally nobody she is a nobody, she’s so skinny and gross she looks like she’s on a meth diet,whenever I’ve been around her her breath smells and so do her armpits, she looks disgusting in every photo and every photo with her body in it she’s breaking her back to make it look like she has a ass, her lip fillers are disgusting and you can just tell by them the cheap floozy she is it looks like they were done and In Hastings back alley, she wears a thick pound of makeup that still doesn’t cover her pimples and discoloration and even with all that work done and all that makeup she still looks disgusting I’m like a man,nobody likes her because she lies about her age and lies to all her friends and anyone that meets her, all her Instagram followers are fake and so are the likes and Comments she has such an ego she needs to fake fans to feel good about herself, she acts like she works for real job but she sells her pussy day and night, she tells everyone she’s a model in LA and owns her own modelling company and In “LA” even in her Instagram bio she has some random modelling agencies init so people think she’s a model how funny is that she also tells people she’s a law student but she dropped out of high school in grade 11 and started selling her pussy

, she’s a thief and a scammer she’s even scammed people with cancer buy fake selling them wigs and never shipping them and recently her and her fake thug boyfriend Simba ran off on a $300 tattoo how broke, she’s so crazy and lie so much she even photo shops famous people’s plane tickets and photo shops her name on it and post it on her Snapchat and Instagram so people think she’s travelling and doing club appearances,everybody I know that it’s fucked you says your stench of fucking fish even Jamal said your pussy was so loose and wide and that it made him gag, and every guy you’ve gotten with has had an STD after, no one cares for your life or likes you and the people that are temporary sticking around you are only using you for your money and the things that you buy them with your pussy poppin money, she got pregnant by her pimp which he’s probably faking cuz I got something she would do and she hasn’t posted about it at all she’s having her kid with the king of STDs Simba every girl I know that has gotten with him has gotten chlamydia Vanessa it’s 100% even more infested with STDs now that they’re fucking all the time and not to mention if the baby is real it’s going to be ugly walking talkin STD, Simba and Vanessa stay for free cuz they’re broke at simbas friend’s house Jeremiahs so if you’re ever looking for him there he is he lives there and has Guns there but Jeremiah’s little bitch I was too scared to stand up to Simba not to mention they steal from girls if you go to their house I need cheat on their escorts thought they claim are their girlfriends that they use for money, Vanessa still grow she looks like she belongs on Hastings and Simba sends her out to bust it open for $5 cuz that’s all her and her smell are worth… Eww

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