Monica Mazzeo – Pennsylvania

Monica Mazzeo lives in Milton, PA. Her birthday is July 1, 1994. She is married to Anthony Mazzeo. She currently(as of 12/01/2020) works in dietary at Buffalo Valley Lutheran Village in Lewisburg, PA along with her husband who just started working there within the last month or so. She has one child with Anthony named Vincent and another named Fynn with a man she cheated on her husband with at her previous job at Geisinger in Danville, PA. She convinced this man that she was into him. She hid her phone number for this man to find and tempted him to contact her. She flaunted her body to him in an effort to tempt him away from his wife. She even went as far as to get herself invited to a coworkers wedding where this man was a groomsman and his wife and child would be present. During that wedding she danced provocatively to flaunt herself in front of him. She did everything in her power to get this man to leave his wife. She made him believe she wanted him and loved him. But in truth, she only wanted him to knock her up because her husband didn’t want another baby. She posted on social media in hopes that his wife would find out and leave him, thus ruining his life on top of using him for what she wanted. He lost his job at Geisinger because of her. She also lost her job at Geisinger so karma really. Watch your men because she wants another baby. She will do anything and everything in her power to lure a man away from his wife and family just so she can use him for her own gains and wants. Watch out for this homewrecker!

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