Nate Borochov Nanikashvili – New York

In short, met this guy while in Miami and he would pretend how he’s from New York, coming to Miami back and forth for business and fun. How he’s thinking about buying a $1M condo in Sunny Isles, open a company, how he wants to get married etc. If it was true all of that would be already his life.
He has no car, no apartment, invites you for a cheap juice and then begs for unprotected sex at his friend’s apartment where he was hosted. He would then pretend he is usually never hosted by friends but stays in 5 starts hotels, which isn’t true at aaaaall LOL. He said he’d be coming next weekend and would stay at the Edition but found out he couldn’t afford his tickets and hotel ! Wow…
That fat Jewish girl has hair on her toes and hands and always chase the guy back. She is stalking him, harassing him and doesn’t let him move on so he can grow into a man. 6 years she has been posting stupid sad quotes all over her social media because he dumped her ass for other girls.
He is looking for money, he asked me questions about my parents money, if they give me money, if they have businesses, etc. He also said he wants to retire early – obviously he has no money and is seeking a girl who’s parents could support him someday…

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