Sara Ziolkiewicz, Vancouver – Canada

Meet SARA ZIolkiiewicz , pepsihead and alcoholic loser. I wanted to post this past best friend after she stole money, my man, and talks bad about me behind my back! I thought we were besties but I found out the truth. You can find this girl at 12west or westoak, looking for her next sugar daddy, or kissing the owners butts for anything she can get! Sara is the real train wreck along with her bff. A bunch of floozys and abusers. this chick right here is a class act. I am exposing sara for the low life scum she is. She is known to use guys in any way possible. Especially for their money. She is always in a new relationship and hopping around from one greg to another. She has no problem hurting others and then telling them to “boss tf up” she likes to act like she gets all of her money in decent ways but she fails to leave out her Chef/Resto owner sugar daddy that buys her useless sh*t.

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