Danya Langlois, Sarnia – Canada

This local sarnia sloot has been know to lure you in with her other set of lips and let you frequent them as much as you’d like along with the rest of sarnia while she uses that as a tactic to sell you a house. Don’t be fooled by this conniving chick and her games that she uses not only in the real estate world but in everyday interactions to use people for the benefit of herself and then forgets they ever existed. The quote from Nickelback a song shakin hands “ she didn’t get this far by just shakin hands” should be the sticker on the back of her white Mazda cx5. I hope this warning helps others in future interactions with this sick and twisted individual and saves you the pain and agony suffered by countless victims of her past. Spread the word and help stop this sick and twisted animal from doing any more damage.

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