Monica Hughes, San Diego – California

Former UCSB Alumni myself its easy for me to hold a steady employment because I am smart and I am a hard working individual. Not her. Monica Hughes is extremely unstable emotionally and physically. Graduating in 2016 she moved all over to run away from being an adult and taking responsibility. Currently she still hasn’t found an employer capable of hiring her. I reacquainted with her. She lied about her intentions with me and her career so I could invest in her “projects.” Openly made it known she is sexual only to have guys pay up front to “invest.” How wrong is that to solicit herself – for cash. She needs to see a psychiatrist. There is no way in hell something is not wrong with her. It is an understatement to say she is unstable, selfish, and beyond irrational. Don’t use people for money! SERIOUSLY, BECOME AN ADULT AND GET A REAL JOB!

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