Shanley Weir, saskatoon – Canada

This woman is the most horrible woman alive, not only does she cheat on every guy she is with she will use you for absolutely anything she can benefit from. This woman does so much pepsi and various other drugs. Anything you put in front of her will be taken without question. She worked at **** and banged her boss several times. Then she worked at ***** and gave some 20 year old kid head in a bathroom at the company Christmas party while having a boyfriend who just got a house together. She likes to degrade everyone and think she is so perfect and amazing. She sleeps with random a55 dudes all the time and probably doesn’t even know who the real father of her child is. She has DRDs but after banging every random dude I guess how couldn’t you. Stay away from this woman she will fck you, use you for your money and try and screw your life over.

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