Kasia Spiechowicz, Ontario – Canada

Kasia is a 20 year old mouthy  slore who cant take in what she dishes out. she has made it clear with proof she beats men. she trots around with her ugly fake hair and 5 inch long dirty eyelashes with fake nails and claims her sht dont stink. all she wants is to be like paris hilton or kim Kardashian and be completley fake. women lock up your husbands, boyfriends, sons, dogs because she will fuk all of them. she use to be a fat slob but now because she lost 75lbs she thinks she looks good when really her nipples are long and pointy, her belly over hangs and shes covered head to toe in stretchmarks and thinks shes hotter than any other female on this planet. if you see he, watch out her drug abusing a55 with try and punch you out or tickle you with her ugly a55 fake lashes she will steal your mans wallett and money just to go and get more fake

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