Jessi Pamplin, Surrey – Canada

I went to school with Jessi for years, and was friends with her up until last week when all of this happened. Anyways I hadn’t connected with her for a few years since graduation when out of nowhere I get a message on Instagram from her, asking if I’d be willing to do some headshots for her. Sounds innocent enough, I’m a photographer on the side, and headshots aren’t too difficult. Obviously this is paid work and she even specified this herself. So I accept, I take her photos for her, and she says she will etransfer the following morning when she gets paid. Well, I don’t receive a notification saying I have received a deposit. I text her to confirm the details, I.e. amount I charge (I was only charging her $85 for the session which was just slightly under an hour) and I hear nothing back. I check social media and she’s blocked my account, but she’s already used my images as her profile photo and posted them up on her account, all without crediting me. She wants to be an actress and has even dished out the money for an education at Vancouver film school, along with dishing out money for some very obvious +2’s. She needs a reality check and common sense.

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