Michael Brandon Stephens – Missouri

Him his wife is from WV . They have several prior arrests from robbing people they befriended from online because these two live online and have no family and friends other then the mom and dad . About four years ago he spent months in jail over selling a grand worth of tools from a job sight . He cheats . She cheats on him constantly with men online and people know it. I was told he was mentally slow and he’s 40 but has a kind of a 16 year old . Ashley is like fifteen years younger than him . Stay away from him. He’s a con and thief . He will Rob you blind . He robbed a guy or two guns and a girl of her stereo with Ashley and robbed work of tools . He leads women on that he will leave his wife . He won’t because they both have the maturity level of flys . He is a thief and man whore . I talked to three people on face book that I know that kept blasting them . They have stolen from a lot of people in Missouri like the hometown WV they came from . These losers are to be shot if you see therm out robbing around any area . Don’t add them on face book . Caution ! Beware of you’ll be doomed by this thief and his idiot ugly inbred wife .

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