Hayley Hanson, Winnipeg – Canada

This girl here is hayley hanson. One of the “popular bottle girls” here in Winnipeg. Hayley doesnt have real job besides trying to get followers on her instagram to pay her for shtty ads like (personalized cellphone cases, and teeth whiteners.) Her boyfriend who she cheats on ALL the time makes a lot of money and that’s the only reason shes with him, that and his family has money. Hayley comes from the north end so this here is a great step up. Shes almost as plastic as autumn turski just minus the lip injections… and her boyfriend has to pay for her implants too. God can any of these winnipeg bottle girls just get old and get real jobs already???? These jobs are temporary cause you ain’t gonna be doing bottle service at 30 years old you’ll be working at Jumbo Pizza after that cause nobody’s gonna want your raunchy ass.

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