Helen Smith, Houston – Texas

She’s a fraud anyone that meet her on social media she will have relationships with them to get them to send her money. Or any kind of stream cards she will use them and talk to them on talking apps get to know them make them fall in love with her. She gets weekly loans from older man that she screws in her hometown she goes as far as talking to married men ruining loved honored families. The sad thing about it she thinks everything’s a game and she will continue to do everything just to get what she wants she has slept with several men within weeks traveled outside the country with her sugar daddies. She goes to South Africa a lot with one of her sugar daddies. Be careful when you’re talking to this floozy. She has gold digger in a price for a big four head any men that fall for the trap is very dumb you can’t tell she’s high maintenance well she wants is your money she doesn’t care about who she hurts in the end she’s out for the money and the sad thing about it she won’t even communicate with you right she’s had broken English. Helen the fake body isn’t going to save you stay away from the married men. And off line get a real job. You’re main sugar daddy found out you’re going to have to pay him.

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