Shayna Davis, Kelowna – Canada

Welcome one and all! Meet the ever so trashy Shayna Davis The aspiring aesthetician, this girl will befriend you, and try to hit up your man, send messages to your man behind your back, on top of giving you a lovely fingernail infection. This slut will make fake accounts and attack you, while sitting on your friends list. If she feels your prettier than her, she will do what ever she can to screw with your image, this dirty sloot runs around sleeping with drug dealers, claims to be clean, meanwhile stuffing meth in her pipe, or up her nose. This little b1tch will lie about sleeping with someone’s boyfriend even if she didn’t sleep with them, just to destroy relationships. This disgusting drugged up b1tch is a drd carrier, if you’ve made the mistake of slipping between her thighs with out a rubber, I would get tested. She spreads drd Like a plague. When she walks by all you can smell is rotting flesh. Get it together back page h0e.

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