Kristen Wilcott, Halifax – Canada

Beware of Kristen Wilcott, this girl should have been an actress! She’ll pretend to care about you but her main goal is money! This month she has gone to 6 different guys telling them she’s pregnant with their baby and needs $1000 for the abortion. Has being trying to get rid of the cellulite on her a55  for years with creams and coffee scrubs LOL. During vacation in Italy she got DRD from a French guy and now is spreading it around Halifax like peanut butter on toast. If that isn’t the worst of it, she has a drug addiction. Her partying and age is catching up with her a55 you can see. RUN! She has no real friends for a reason, they’re all targets for her, she uses them too! This girl is a soul sucker in every way! Money is all she sees! She’ll use you up and throw you away when she’s done! Crazy this one is!

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