They Kolba’s in Bay City – Michigan

Judy, Bill, and Ed Kolba are the worst type of people. Goober smooching inbred uncle fuckers. They enjoy tormenting and harassing young women. Judy and Ed like to send voice clips with nasty messages. Ed likes to call these women whores. They take nude photos of young women girls and upload them the social media. They’re all fucking retarded, like straight retarded. Judy nor Bill can speak a full sentence without spitting on themselves. They refuse to let their son Edward have a girlfriend because if he moves out, they lose their meal ticket because Edward has a severe mental handicap. A bunch of cop calling bitches is what they are. Nasty nasty nasty. They walk around smelling of dead rotten pussy and cat piss. Bill has multiple facebook accounts he uses to cat fish people. Edward is 32 and tends to target younger girls (the youngest girl as of yet is only 14 years old). Please spread the word to avoid the Kolba’s. They only want to torment and stalk girls under 20 years old. Age does NOT matter to them. The more mental and emotional damage they can cause the more they do it.

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