Brittany Mendez, Cleveland – Ohio

Check out this super ugly sloot Brittany Alexis Mendez aka Brittany Bonilla or Brittany Greco – your local dealership slore. This gold digging, manly looking sloot fuked so many dudes at the last car dealership she worked at she went and earned herself a reputation. She fuked salesmen, the married used car manager, a fianance manager, technicians, detailers, you name him and she did the nasty trying to further her “career”. Her ugly face, jay leno jaw and linebacker shoulders are enough to cause these men embarrassment, but if that’s not enough to make you puke, the real reason they hate to admit they slept with her is she apparently has a black line that runs up the crack of her a55 and flat, nasty looking pancake boobs. Buyer beware!

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